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Jedi Mind Tricks – The Funeral And The Raven - (2021)

 Jedi Mind Tricks – The Funeral And The Raven - (2021)

01. Intro
02. I Am The Wooden Door
03. Collapse The War Engine
04. The Escapist (feat. Crimeapple)
05. Pathogen (Interlude) (feat. Yes Alexander)
06. Don’t Get Blood On My Gucci (feat. Demoz)
07. Second Hand Smoke
08. The Death Of One Man Is A Tragedy, The Death Of 10,000 Is A Statistic (feat. Boob Bronx)
09. Manufacturing Consent
10. We Tolerate The Sickness (Interlude) (feat. Yes Alexander)
11. The Chariot
12. Albatross
13. Crematorium (feat. Pro Dillinger)
14. Path Of The Beam
15. We Bow In His Aura
16. Until The World Consumes Us (Interlude) (feat. Yes Alexander)
17. Abdallah Azzam Brigade (feat. Recognize Ali, Demoz, Ill Bill & Chinaski Black)
18. The Great Derangement (feat. Thea Alana)


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