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2Pac - (Discografia Completa) - [13 CDs]

2Pac - (Discografia Completa) - [13 CDs]

2Pac - Pac's Life - (2006)

1. Untouchable (Remix) (featuring: Krayzie Bone)
2. Pac’s Life (featuring: Ashanti & T.I.)
3. Dumpin’ (featuring: Carl Thomas, Hussein Fatal & Papoose)

4. Playa Cardz Right (Female Version) (featuring: Keyshia Cole)
5. What’z Next? (featuring: A3 & Jay Rock)
6. Sleep (featuring: Chamillionaire & Young Buck)
7. International (featuring: Nipsey Hussle & Young Dre The Truth)
8. Don’t Sleep (featuring: Kadafi, Lil’ Scrappy, Nutt-So & Stormy)
9. Soon As I Get Home (featuring: Kadafi)
10. Playa Cardz Right (Male Version) (featuring: Keon Bryce & Ludacris)
11. Don’t Stop (featuring: Big Syke, Outlawz & Stormy)
13. Untouchable (featuring: Gravy, Hussein Fatal & Kadafi)
14. Dear Mama (Remix) (UK Bonus Track) (featuring: Anthony Hamilton)
15. Scared Straight (Japan Bonus Track)


2Pac - Loyal to the Game - (2004)
01.Soldier Like Me
02.The Uppercut
03.Out On Bail
04.Ghetto Gospel
05.Black Cotton
06.Loyal To The Game
07.Thugs Get Lonely Too
09.Who Do You Love
10.Crooked Nigga Too
11.Don't You Trust Me
13.Thug 4 Life
14.Po Nigga Blues
16.Crooked Nigga Too (Remix)
17.Loyal To The Game (Remix)


2Pac - Resurrection - (2003)
3One Day At A Time (Em's Version)
4Death Around The Corner
5Secrects Of War
6Runnin' (Dying To Live)
7Holler If Ya' Hear Me
8Starin' Through My Rearview
9Bury Me A G
10Same Song
11Panther Power
12Str8 Ballin'
13Rebel Of The Underground
14The Realist Killaz


2Pac - Better Dayz - (2002)
1-Intro (Album Version (Explicit))
2-Still Ballin' (Nitty Remix - Album Version (Explicit))
3-When We Ride On Our Enemies (Briss Remix - Album Version)
4-Changed Man (Jazze Pha Remix - Album Version)
5-F*** Em All (Album Version (Explicit))
6-Never B Peace (Nitty Remix - Album Version)
7-Mamma's Just A Little Girl (KP Remix - Album Version)
8-Street Fame (Briss Remix - Album Version)  
9-Whatcha Gonna Do (Album Version (Explicit))  
10-Fair Xchange (Jazze Pha Remix - Album Version (Explicit))
11-Ghetto Star (Album Version (Explicit))
12-Thugz Mansion (Nas Acoustic - Album Version)
1-My Block (Nitty Remix - Album Version)
2-Thugz Mansion (7 Remix - Album Version)  
3-Never Call U B**** Again (Album Version (Explicit))  
4-Better Dayz (Album Version (Explicit))  
5-U Can Call (Jazze Pha Remix - Album Version)  
6-Military Minds (Album Version (Explicit))
7-Fame (Album Version (Explicit))  
8-Fair Xchange (Mya Remix - Album Version)  
9-Catchin Feelins (Album Version (Explicit))  
10-There U Go (Album Version (Explicit))  
11-This Life I Lead (Album Version (Explicit))  
12-Who Do You Believe In (Album Version (Explicit))
13-They Don't Give A F**** About Us (Album Version (Explicit))  
14-Outro (Album Version (Explicit))


2Pac - Until the End of Time - (2001)
CD 01
01.Ballad Of A Dead Soulja lyrics
02.Fuck Friendz lyrics
03.Lil' Homies lyrics
04.Let Em Have It lyrics
05.Good Life lyrics
06.Letter 2 My Unborn lyrics
07.Breathin lyrics
08.Happy Home lyrics
09.All Out lyrics
10.Fuckin Wit The Wrong Nigga lyrics
11.Thug N U Thug N Me (Remix) lyrics
12.Everything They Owe lyrics
13.Until The End Of Time lyrics
14.M.O.B. lyrics
15.World Wide Mob Figgaz lyrics

01.Big Syke Interlude lyrics
02.My Closest Roaddogz lyrics
03.Niggaz Nature Remix lyrics
04.When Thugz Cry (feat. Bizzy Bone) lyrics
05.U Don't Have 2 Worry lyrics
06.This Ain't Living lyrics
07.Why U Turn on Me? lyrics
08.Lastonesleft lyrics
09.Thug N U Thug N Me lyrics
10.Words 2 My First Born lyrics
11.Let Em Have It lyrics
12.Runnin On E lyrics
13.When I Get Free lyrics
14.Until The End Of Time lyrics


2Pac - Still I Rise + Outlawz - (1999)
01. Letter To The President
02. Still I Rise
03. Secretz Of War
04. Baby Don't Cry
05. As The World Turns
06. Black Jesuz
07. Homeboyz
08. Hell 4 A Hustler
09. High Speed
10. The Good Die Young
11. Killuminati
12. Teardrops And Closed Caskets
13. Tattoo Tears
14. U Can Be Touched
15. Y'all Don't Know Us


2Pac - Greatest Hits - (1998)
1. 2Pac – Keep Ya Head Up Lyrics
2. 2Pac – 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted Lyrics
3. 2Pac – Temptations Lyrics
4. 2Pac – God Bless The Dead Lyrics
5. 2Pac – Hail Mary Lyrics
6. 2Pac – Me Against The World Lyrics
7. 2Pac – How Do U Want It Lyrics
8. 2Pac – So Many Tears Lyrics
9. 2Pac – Unconditional Love Lyrics
10. 2Pac – Trapped Lyrics
11. 2Pac – Life Goes On Lyrics
12. 2Pac – Hit 'Em Up Lyrics
13. 2Pac – Troublesome '96 Lyrics
14. 2Pac – Brenda's Got a Baby Lyrics
15. 2Pac – I Ain't Mad At Cha Lyrics
16. 2Pac – I Get Around Lyrics
17. 2Pac – Changes Lyrics
18. 2Pac – California Love Lyrics
19. 2Pac – Picture Me Rollin' Lyrics
20. Thug Life – How Long Will They Mourn Me Lyrics
21. 2Pac – Toss It Up Lyrics
22. 2Pac – Dear Mama Lyrics
23. 2Pac – All About U Lyrics
24. 2Pac – To Live & Die in L.A. Lyrics
25. 2Pac – Heartz of Men Lyrics

CD 01



2Pac - R U Still Down? (Remember Me) - (1997)
2.Open Fire
3.R U Still Down
5.Thug Style
6.Where Do We Go From Here
7.I Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto
8.Nothing To Lose
9.I'm Getting Money  
10.Lie To Kick It
11.Fuck All Y'All
12.Let Them Thangs Go
13.Definition Of A Thug Nigga
14.Ready 4 Whatever
15.When I Get Free
16.Hold On Be Strong
17.I'm Losin' It  
18.Fake Ass Bitches
19.Do For Love
20.Enemies With Me
21.Nothin But Love
22.16 On Death Row
23.I Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto
24.When I Get Free II
25.Black Starry Night
26.Only Fear Of Death


2Pac - All Eyez on Me - (1996)
01. Ambitionz az a Ridah
02. All Bout U
03. Skandalouz
04. Got My Mind Made Up
05. How Do U Want It?
06. 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted
07. No More Pain
08. Heartz of Men
09. Life Goes On
10. Only God Can Judge Me
11. Tradin’ War Stories
12. California Love (Remix)
13. I Ain’t Mad at Cha
14. What’z Ya Phone #

01. Can’t C Me
02. Shorty Wanna Be A Thug
03. Holla At Me
04. Wonda Why They Call U Bitch
05. When We Ride
06. Thug Passion
07. Picture Me Rollin’
08. Check Out Time
09. Ratha Be Ya Nigga
10. All Eyez On Me
11. Run Tha Streetz
12. Ain’t Hard 2 Find
13. Heaven Ain’t Hard 2 Find


2Pac – Me Against The World - (1995)
01. Intro
02. If I Die 2Nite
03. Me Against the World
04. So Many Tears
05. Temptations
06. Young Niggaz
07. Heavy in the Game
08. Lord Knows
09. Dear Mama
10. It Ain’t Easy
11. Can U Get Away
12. Old School
13. Fuck the World
14. Death Around the Corner
15. Outlaw


2Pac - Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z. - (1993)
01. Holler If Ya Hear Me
02. Pac’s Theme
03. Point the Finga
04. Something 2 Die 4
05. Last Wordz
06. Souljah’s Revenge
07. Peep Game
08. Strugglin’
09. Guess Who’s Back
10. Representin’ 93
11. Keep Ya Head Up
12. Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.
13. The Streetz R Deathrow
14. I Get Around
15. Papa’z Song
16. 5 Deadly Venomz


2pac – 2Pacalypse Now - (1991)
01 Young Black Male
02 Trapped
03 Soulja’s Story
04 I Don’t Give a Fuck
05 Violent
06 Words of Wisdom
07 Something Wicked
08 Crooked Ass Nigga
09 If My Homie Calls
10 Brenda’s Got a Baby
11 Tha’ Lunatic
12 Rebel of the Underground
13 Part Time Mutha 



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