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KRS-One - D.I.G.I.T.A.L. - (2003)

KRS-One - D.I.G.I.T.A.L. - (2003)
01.Intro You Know What's Up!
02.For Example
03.Tell the Devil Ha!
04.When the Moon? (featuring Courtney Terry)
05.Free Mumia (Featuring: Channel Live)
06.Ah Yeah!
07.Bring it to the cypher (Featuring Truck Turner)
08.As you already know (Featuring Truck Turner, Big Pun, and Kool G Rap)
09.A Freestyle Song (Featuring Common)
10.Article (Remix) (Featuring Mad Lion, Whitey Don, And Shelly Thunder)
11.Music for the '90s (Featuring G.Simone) (Kid Capri Remix)
12.Get You In The Mood (Featuring Courtney Terry)
14.No wack DJS
15.We Dont Care Any More
16.Smilin' Faces (Featuring Shock G)
17.Hiphop vs. Rap
18.Woop! Woop! (Showbiz Remix)
19.Harmony and Understanding
20.Outro I'll Be Back!HM1j2AqJ!xkZyazm0axvCkiUwq4-shr7QP1dDCLZtMSENjHLVRtQ

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