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Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - (Discografia Completa)

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - (Discografia Completa)

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – Art of War WWIII - (2013)
1. WWIII Introduction
2. Top Notch (features Bizzy & Flesh)
3. Murda On You (features all five BTNH members)
4. Born In The Ghetto (features Bizzy, Layzie and Flesh)
5. Bone (features Bizzy and Flesh)
6. Bring It Back features Bizzy, Layzie and Flesh)
7. Approach To Danger (features Krayzie, Layzie and Flesh)
8. Bitch Is A Bitch (features Bizzy and Flesh)
9. Its A Bone Thang (features Bizzy, Layzie and Flesh)
10. 100 K (features Bizzy and Flesh)
11. Deep End (features Bizzy, Layzie and Flesh)
12. Back In The Dayz (features Bizzy and Flesh)
13. Walk This Way (features Bizzy solo)
14. Rappella (features Layzie solo)
15. Top Notch (features Bizzy and Flesh)
16. It Will Be Alright (features all five BTNH members)
17. In Memory Of Eazy E (features all five BTNH members)
18. Everything 100 (features all five BTNH members)  


Bone Thugs N Harmony -  Lost Archives Vol.1 - (2013)
01 – Intro
02 – We Are
03 – Rebirth (Original)
04 – We Workin’
05 – Spit Ya Game (Original)
06 – Run Mayne
07 – Thug Luv (Original)
08 – Interlude
09 – Children Of The Night
10 – No More
11 – Summertime
12 – Determination (Original)
13 – Take Charge
14 – Innovation (Original)
15 – Show You How
16 – Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
17 – LKBWF
18 – Skit
19 – Dream or Reality
20 – Puppet Masters
21 – Tha Crossroads (Tha Flesh Flip Remix)
22 – Haters

Bone Thugs-n-Harmony – Live In Concert - (2012)
01 – Double Glock (Live)
02 – E. 99 (Live)
03 – Eternal (Live)
04 – Crept (Live)
05 – Smokerz (Live)
06 – Heartless (Live)
07 – No Shorts (Live)
08 – Interlude (Live)
09 – Pac n Bone (Live)
10 – Buddah (Live)
11 – X-Road (Live)
12 – In the Sky (Live)
13 – Bigg n Bone (Live)
14 – Bigg n Bone 2 (Live)
15 – It’s the First (Live)
16 – Fuck the Po Po (Live)
17 – Encore (Live)

Bone Thugs - Uni5 the World's Enemy - (2010)
01.The Law (Intro)
02.Rebirth (Feat.Thin C)
03.See Me Shine" (Feat.Jay Rush)
04.Only God Can Judge Me
05.Wanna Be
06.My Life
08.Fearless (Interlude)
09.Gone (Feat.Ricco Barrino)
10.Meet Me in the Sky (Feat.K-Young)
12.A New Mind = A New Life (Interlude)
13.Pay What They Owe
14.Facts Don't Lie

Bone Thugs - Strength & Loyalty - (2007)
02.Bump in the Trunk (Feat.Swizz Beatz)
03.Wind Blow (Feat.Fleetwood Mac)
04.I Tried (Feat. Akon)
05.Lil' Love (Feat.Mariah Carey)
06.C-Town (Feat. Twista)
07.Order My Steps (Dear Lord)
08.Streets (Feat.Game)
10.Gun Blast
11.Candy Paint (Feat.Swizz Beatz)
12.So Good So Right (Feat.Felicia Howse)
13.Sounds the Same
14.Never Forget Me (Feat.Akon)

Bone Thugs - Thug Stories - (2006)
02.Call Me
03.Thug Stories
04.She Got Crazy
05.Don't Stop
06.Do It Again
07.So Sad
09.What You See (Reload)
10.Stand Not In Our Way
11.Still No Surrender
12.This Life

Bone Thugs - Thug world Order (2002)
01.T.W.O. Intro
02.Bone, Bone, Bone
03.Guess Who's Back Feat. LaReece
05.What About Us
06.Get Up & Get It Feat. 3LW & Felecia
07.Bad Weed Blues
08.All The Way
09.Non-Fiction Words By Eazy-E
10.Pump, Pump
11.Set It Straight
12.Money, Money
13.Not My Baby
14.Cleveland Is The City
15.If I Fall
16.A Thug Soldier Conversation

Bone Thugs - BtNhResurrection - (2000)

01.Show 'Em
02.The Righteous Ones Featuring David's Daughters
03.2 Glocks
06.Murder One
07.Souljahs Marching
08.Servin' Tha Fiends
09.Resurrection (Paper, Paper)
10.Can't Give It Up
11.Weed Song
12.Change The World Featuring Big B
13.Don't Worry
14.Mind On Our Money
15.No Way Out
16.One Night Stand (Bonus Track)

Bone Thugs - The Art Of War - (Duplo) (1997)
World War 1 (disc.1)

01.Retaliation (Intro)
02.Handle The Vibe
03.Look Into My Eyes
04.Body Rott
05.It's All Mo' Thug
06.Ready 4 War featuring Maje$ty
07.Ain't Nothin Changed
08.Clog Up Yo Mind
09.It's All Real
11.Mind Of A Souljah
12.If I Could Teach The World
13.Family Tree

World War 2 (disc.2)

01.Mo' Thug
02.Thug Luv featuring 2Pac
03.Hatin Nation
04.7 Sign featuring Maje$Ty
05.Wasteland Warriors featuring Souljah Boy
06.Neighborhood Slang
07.U Ain't Bone
08.Get' Cha Thug On
09.All Original
10.Blaze It
11.Let The Law End
12.Whom Die They Lie
14.Evil Paradise
15.Mo' Thug Family Tree

Bone Thugs - E.1999 Eternal - (1995)
01.Da Introduction
02.East 1999
04.Crept And We Came
05.Down '71 (The Getaway)
06.Mr. Bill Collector
07.Budsmokers Only
08.Tha Crossroads
09.Me Killa
10.Land Of Tha Heartless
11.No Shorts, No Losses
12.1st Of Tha Month
13.Buddah Lovaz
14.Die Die Die
15.Mr. Ouija 2
16.Mo' Murda
17.Shotz To Tha Double Glock

Bone Thugs - Faces of Death - (1993)
01.Flow Motion
02.Everyday Thang
04.Def Dick
05.Sons Of Assassins
06.Hell Sent
07.#1 Assassin
08.We Be Fiending
09.Bless Da 40 Oz.
10.Gangsta Attitude

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